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Fine art restoration studio "L'Accro des Toiles" - Christelle Chazeau and Alain Montoir

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L'accro des toiles, fine art restoration studio

Salon de la Rencontre des Métiers d'Art de Pernes les Fontaines 2012Member of the prestigious Rencontre des Métiers d'Art in Pernes les Fontaines(84)

"Driven by the thought that our know-how, our creations and also our ideas, innovative or from inspiration, can only be fully expressed through sharing, encounters with the public remain the most direct opportunity to convey our commitment, both artistic and technical, traditional and modern.
In this sprit and in keeping alive a long tradition of art fairs, around forty craftspeople, rich in their diversity, have come together in the association "Gare des Métiers D’Art" headed by its president, Jean Philippe Fally. Each year they organise the "Rencontres des Métiers d’Art", in partnership with the town of Pernes-les-Fontaines".

Salon de Pernes les Fontaines

La Provence

"L'Accro des Toiles" exhibiting at the famous antique fair in Nîmes. 
Antique Fair in Nimes

Teaching activities : Stretchers for paintings, restoration of works of art in drawing, painting, sculpture, polychrome, frames and gilding.
Supervision of students at:
. School of Fine Arts in Avignon.
. The Condé School (painting restoration school)
. The cabinetwork college (E.S.E.A) in Le Thor (84).
. Atec/ Formerly the 'CIRT' and 'Atelier' in Châteaurenard since 1972.
. Mme Perrais-Montoir (4 years) / Restorer of gilded wood - e-mail:
. Documentary for the Korean television station SBS on European techniques in the preservation and restoration of works of art

Clientele :
. Public and private organizations. Accredited schools.
. Collectors. Provençal and Parisian art galleries
. Antique dealers exhibiting at fairs. Private clients.
. Sub-contracts with painting restorers


Work carried out for …
.Fine Arts Museum in the city of Marseille.
. Fleury Museum in Lodève.
. Heritage Commission in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.
. Grobet Labadié Museum in Marseille.
. Crédit Municipal bank in the city of Marseille.
. Inspectorate and Commission for Historic Monuments.
. Subcontracted by accredited restorers from around Paris and the PACA region.
. Atec/ Restoration Workshop School of Chateaurenard (13)
Fine Arts Museum in the City of Marseille. Montagn'art Association in St Auban (06)
. Faouet Museum in Brittany (56)
. The Church of Cabannes(13)
• The Church of Chasteuil in Castellane (04)
• The Church of Demandolx(04)
• The Church of Mornas(84)
• The Church of St Cézaire sur Siagne(06)
• The Church of Gars(06)
• The Church of StAndiol(13)
• The Church of La Doire Seranon(06)
• The Church of Valderoure(06)
• The Church of Andon(06)
• The Church of Oblats in Aix(13)
• The Church of Soleilhas(04)
. Avignon Auction House(84).

. Antiques Fair in Nimes.
. Craftwork Professions Exhibition in Pernes les Fontaines.
. Exhibitions in Aix en Provence.

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